Live streaming

Watch live sports events on Livestream.

An option of live streaming, like the one introduced by bet365, is one of the most attractive services offered by online gambling operators. This tool can be used for example to follow sport events that are not relayed in customer’s country or require purchasing a special TV package. It may concern various sports disciplines and events of every size and type.

Watch live sports events on Livestream.

Although most of live streaming providers use cheap channels, there are some of them that guarantee high definition live streaming. Sometimes, better quality of live streaming require creating a special account or some extra charges, but usually it is an option provided by certain bookmakers. However, such solution gives not only a pure entertainment to all sport fans, but also an opportunity to make bets live. If a customer is able to follow the match, he can as well change his bets or make the new ones.

That gives gambling operator an income worth investing in. What is more, such tool is one of the best advantages of Internet access, big convenience and a good example of using a progress of technique. It is also a very tempting option for those who do not own any television set. Apart from some obvious benefits like entertainment for sport fans, live streaming is also a good solution for its providers, as it can be used to make some money.

Gambling operators and other companies that have such services in their offer can take advantage from broadcasting certain advertisements on their website and while the match breaks.

Unfortunetly some gambling companies like bet770 don’t have live streaming in their offer. Hope it will change soon and live streaming will be major product on every betting companies.