How do i verify my bet365 account?

Do you have already an account with bet365? Have you already used your free welcome bonus of 50 EUR? Great, then read below and find out how to verify your identity. No? Then click here and see what is the bonus code for bet365!

Why do I have to verify my bet365 account? Because many people open several accounts to receive free bonuses (and those bonuses in bet365 are really good - check out how to get free 50 EUR at bet365). In order to avoid this, bet365 checks if the name and address you have provided is actually yours. The second reason is age. At bet365 you can only play if you are 18 or more.

Does bet365 need some scans to proceed with verification? Unfortunately yes. Before the first withdrawal we are required to provide a copy of our ID card or passport to bet365.

Is the verification process at bet365 secure? Yes - we don't know cases of fraud. However, we recommend to cross the ID scan with a thin red line in the graphic program (paint for instance). It takes five minutes and may calm you down!

How long does it take to verify an account at bet365? Most often only a few hours. We receive a request for documents, then we need to scan them, send them by e-mail, and wait. We don't know anyone whose verification lasted longer than 12 hours.

What is postal verification at bet365? This is another way to confirm your home address. Bet365 sends us a letter with a code that we rewrite on their website. This verification is simply, free of charge, but - of course - last longer.

Does bet365 verify the phone? It may happen that bet365 will verify our phone number by calling us or sending a text message.

Remember - bet365 account verification is for your safety only!

Identity verification at bet365 done? Check how to withdraw funds from bet365!.