How to bet at bet365?

Betting with bet365 is extremely easy. You just need to open a free bet365 account and then proceed with your initial deposit. How to bet at bet365? If you have funds in your account just select the sport you are interested in, then the league, then the event, and finally the bet. If the odds are satisfactory you need to enter your stake and confirm your bet.

Is bet365 available in Europe? Yes, the whole site of the bet365 has been translated into our language. It is worth pointing out that these translations were made professionally by real people (not by translator). This way each of you will be able to handle betting at bet365. You do not need to know any foreign language.

What do bet365 odds mean? Bet365, as one of the largest bookmaker in the world, has a variety of ways to display their odds. These are fractional, decimal and american ways. All other bookmakers in Europe use decimal odds and these are the ones we recommend for you. What are decimal odds? Decimal odds are really simple to learn. Basically, you need to multiply your stake by the decimal odds and the result is how much you'll receive in winnings - including your stake. For example if you bet 100 EUR and you have odds of 1.70 you will receive 170 EUR in winnings (including your initial stake).

Can you live bet at bet365? Yes of course. Moreover bet365 has one of the widest live betting offer in the bookies market. Does bet365 offer live streaming? Yes! Many events are streamed in the form of video and audio in the live betting section. We no longer need a TV and expensive subscription to watch matches. Enough is just 1 EUR? in your bet365 account!

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